What are you tolerating in your business?

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2019

Are you feeling bogged down and overwhelmed by things and tasks that accumulate? 

Ending up with a cluttered mind – and business?

To make changes, you first need to identify what exactly you are tolerating.

It can be a disappointing and de-motivating to set yourself business goals that are not achieved. It can make you lose faith in yourself if you feel you can’t do what you know you should too. Or if you feel like you are not confident to stand up and implement change.

You are!

You most likely just need some guidance and support getting there.

See if any of these sound familiar- are these things you are tolerating?

Incomplete tasks, too many meetings, clutter, unmet needs, unresolved issues or problems, other people’s or your own behavior and demands, crossed boundaries, a list of “shoulds”, guilt, debt, lack of sales, procrastination, poor concentration, confidence issues, unhealthy eating/sleeping/exercise habits, your own story you tell...

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All Ideas and no Action? How to manage marketing overwhelm online

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2018

Have you overwhelmed yourself with too many marketing options?

Let's take a look at reducing that, alongside the stress levels!

Do you find that you are desperately trying to cover all bases yet feeling like it isn't strong enough in any area as a message?

Do you ever find yourself brainstorming like a Ninja, filling notebooks full of ideas, to do, brain dumps galore only to sit and think - what next?

Yes i am not surprised to hear that and this is the truth - we all do this to some extent and don't believe anyone who says they don't!

With the amount of things to navigate in your business it can be very difficult to know what to prioritise. I think there are way too many options especially with online marketing. As ever, the best advice is to master one thing before you move onto the next.



This is the main marketing monster isn't it - how do you feel about it? FB seem to be taking over the world and is connected everywhere too - if they don't own it they you have...

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