Mastering your Inner World

Feb 01, 2023

The Gifts from your Unconscious World

Exploring your inner world, pathways, patterns and emotions isn’t always pretty stuff.

Bringing conscious awareness from your unconscious is deep work.

Your unconscious has stored every single piece of information from your life (and prior) and it’s like an intricate circuit board that’s been created over. It runs the same circuits and has the same trip switches every time and these often become more unhelpful than helpful as they are not adaptive over time.

The good news is that so you can learn to rewire your thinking, break your patterns and recondition yourself to operate in a way that’s more supportive of your goals and purpose.


Embrace what you don’t yet know

Doing the work on yourself involves showing up for yourself, intense reflection, uncomfortable mirrors, patience and maintaining curiosity with an intention to welcome of all your parts, sides and shadows as gifts for you to invite change and be free from past pains.

There is not one human who is all light, it’s not possible. Yes, we strive to balance the light with dark, but our shadow side is a part of us which can be as illuminating as it is confronting.

What you don’t know or cannot yet see that might be difficult is not to be feared, shamed or avoided as it can bring you the most glorious light that you can shine not only for yourself, but for others.

A lot of the work I do involves helping people to think, feel and behave differently and make new choices.

This involves identifying any current unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours and look at the patterns and working with the beliefs and triggers that are part of the ‘circuit’.

Note: Triggers are created by PAST emotions from PAST experiences and they play out in the present, often inappropriately as your subconscious has no concept of time or circumstance and no discernment around that. The circuit was set up from the first event and will run this way until you rewire it.

When you get triggered or have feelings of anger, guilt, shame or unfairness or feel you have been ‘wronged’, it’s often messages from your shadow or ‘ego’ consciousness calling.

It’s an invitation to go within for wisdom and also to cross check your values.

Nobody can make you feel or do anything, it’s all within you and your responses are your choice.

This is a tough thing to get your head around at first, but once you give yourself the gift of insight and are brave enough to explore with curiosity, everything can change.

And this is the brave work.

Half the problem is that everyone is trying to live on the ‘lightside’ all the time and would much rather avoid the more murky areas of our inner worlds and darker emotions.

There is rich insight in the shadow and buried treasure in your unconscious so don’t be scared to go there or allow any sense of shame that you are not ‘perfect’ or have any more difficult parts of you to scare you off.


Patterns and Triggers

So when you discover some patterns and what triggers behaviours and reactions that aren’t ideal, but you feel you can’t help them- what next?

Awareness is the first step to change. Recognising them is positive and already shines a light within for you.

Now you are in a position to decide how you would rather be, think and feel.

Being aware of what triggers you is one thing, knowing how to diffuse them and having skills and resources to support you in any moment is another.

Have you ever noticed what happens when you actually feel your emotions in your body, what happens when that trigger fires? Where you feel that before the messages are sent to your brain about what it ‘means’?

It’s likely you are very aware of this too, as any emotional trigger is visceral. Chaging how you feel and following the pathway of emotions and senses is important for your growth. Anything repressed or unexpressed remains in the unconscious and cannot be changed or challenged.

It’s all for you to explore, address and heal and you can.

All alongside shining beautifully in all your unique and imperfect glory.


The Unconscious Direction

When you realise that the majority of your life has been driven and directed through these unconscious patterns and belief systems, it’s quite the shock and wake up call.

The key language there is ‘wake-up’ call — it’s exciting as this is about becoming less dormant and being a driver of your life, instead of a passenger who doesn’t much like the ride but keeps going along anyway!

If you don’t like how things have been up until now or are unhappy in any way, this awareness lights a new path of possibility, a new way to be.

You can meet yourself where you’re at and go forward from there in a mindset of choice and radical responsibility.

It’s powerful and delicate work all at once and the wonderful thing about the NLP approach to coaching and healing is that it can be faster and empowering.

NLP is rooted in therapy, yet it doesn’t take a focus on the actual event, but rather the emotions that are attached to the event and the meaning that has been made and the beliefs that have been formed so it’s more about how you feel about anything, than the actual experience.

It can also run content-free, so no endless discussions required.

There are many ways to visit and work with your inner world and my approach is rooted in NLP with a mixture of other modalities and approaches, but learning how to manage your emotional landscape, live in choice and responsibility and work with both your conscious and unconscious is the true recipe for lasting change.

Whether it’s for personal or business development, NLP helps you start to see yourself from new perspectives, to elicit your inner wisdom and make the unconscious conscious so you can free yourself from the past and take full control of your life, happiness and outcomes.


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