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 COACH CONNECT brings professionals in the industry together to inspire, grow and collaborate and is a dedicated networking membership space to grow your business, connections and friendships.


It's online.

It's easy.

It's enjoyable.

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Who's it for?

All coaches & professionals in the coaching & personal development industry. 

People who love building relationsips and want to build networks

You if you enjoy networking but feel frustrated with meeting people who just aren't quite your jam! 

You if you are tired of traditional locks outs and can't get a coach spot!

Those who want to connect with the real people behind the pages & posts

Coaches who want a positive, engaged and inspiring online environment to be part of


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Enjoy three breakout rooms plus two expert Member Guest Speakers on topics to help you with life, business and growth. 


COACH CONNECT is here for you - why not come along and build some new relationships both professionally and personally - we would love to see you there!


No lockouts! Our values are Community, Collaboration & Inclusivity


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Meet Your Host

Hello! I'm Teresa!

Founder of COACH Magazine & Podcast & Host of COACH CONNECT. 

Transformational Growth Coach, Certified NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner, Business & Communication Mentor MHFA (England), Holistic Therapist and Silent Counsellor. 

I'm passionate about building & nurturing genuine relationships and creating meaningful connections in supportive and inclusive spaces.

 COACH CONNECT is deisgned specifically for the self-development and coaching industry - a dedicated Mindhive space to build your business, find peer support and to co-create and collborate.

An Award-winning Businesswoman with over two decades of success in high-performance sales, I'm a champion for women's empowerment and dedicated to helping women thrive by discovering their true identity, purpose and values.

My coaching is a holistic approach on the path to self-leadership, confidence and courage.

My work through the lens of NLP empowers you to recognise and change your programming and patterns to live in an empowered way and achieve your version of success. 



What do others say?

Massive thank you to Steve Payne for an incredible coaching journey. Mind has been blown several times. Some very powerful tools for our toolkit and some really valuable coaching with some awesome people! Am still processing big time. This course is like a personal development programme too and I’m definitely feeling some pretty big shifts as we work our way through; the kind words can’t describe.

- Kirsty Kamarauskas - Entrepreneur and Professional Coach

Even after 16-years in social work, I knew that to be taken seriously, training was the best way forward. Steve Payne is the best trainer by far! And his incredible training kicked me into orbit in my journey.

- Louise Fernando – Empowerment Coach  (former social worker)

Brilliant course, brilliant people. Brilliant to be part of something so enlightening. Thanks to everyone on this course, and Steve, big thanks to you my friend. I think what you’re doing is fantastic.

- Gary Nicks, Journalist and Head of Press for the British Army

Steve is a role model for online coaching. In my 25-years of corporate training I have never experienced calibration and engagement to this level, either in person or online!

- Caroline Martin - NLP Trainer and Coach

Steve Payne really fitted with my values and beliefs about how I work with my clients.

I've attended other 'Coaching days' but there was a level of integrity and congruence I experienced in this training that confirmed that I wanted to train as a coach with Steve and I am so glad I did.

- Ahmet Mehmet,  Coach, Counsellor and Psychotherapist

I just loved this training and I loved the coach training programme even more - I was sorry when it was over! Would 100% recommend it; professional, interactive with a great group ambiance which Steve works expertly to assure and I think this is so important for optimal learning.

- Ann Collins, Leadership Coach & Teacher

*The ACT Premier Coach Training Programme start August 8th 2021 and runs for 12 weeks. It is a unique training that includes two powerful certifications:

Accredited Certificate in Coach Training (Accredited by The Association for Coaching, AC)


Accredited NLP Practitioner Certificate (Accredited by The Association for NLP (ANLP)